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From now on:

Comment + add and I will probably add you back :)
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You're going friends only?
Will I still be on your friends list?
Warn me damnit! lol
Ofcourse I'm gonna keep you in my list \(^-^)/
You already are my lj-friend ^-^
Like I would ever ditch you.
*chibifies and clings to your leg*
omdat het me leuk lijkt je te lezen :)
liever niet, sorry.
mij niet wegpleuren he :P
Tuurlijk niet o_0
Deze post is ook al 2 maanden oud joh XP
echt? O.O
hahaha ik voel me nu zo dom.
ik moest trouwens wel erg om die amoretto ding lachen.

Deleted comment

Sure ^___^
*adds you back
Hi ran past your LJ surfing. Saw we have a couple things in common that are on opposite sides of the spectrum which is neat (ex. Visual Kei and Mari Yaguchi X3) Anyways, I was wondering if I could add you.
Sure =) I like your layout by the way ^_^
*adds you*
Thank you, I really like your hide one ^^!
Haha, you're neat. o_o And you're fun.
May I be added? <3
Sure =)
*adds you!
I L:O:V:E n A:D:O:R:E your layout ♡彡

firends o__O?
Sure, I'll add you :)
^_^ I like the alice nine thing! mm..Its tastey...XDD, but anyways. I thought you looked nice and interesting. Add me?
Thanks ^_^
I'll add you =)
XDD aww, welcome! Thankies!!!!
I hope you don't mind the promotion. You really should apply to our community.
thedoll_house is a rating community for all the dolls (guys and girls) in the alternative scene ...(gothic, transexuals/crossdressers/transvestites,
industrial, cyber, fetish, glam, vamp, alternative, trash, etc)...If you've been told you look like a doll or you think you're doll like, you might belong here.
Image hosted by
Again, sorry for the promo. I did a search for people that might be interested in our community and your username came up. I hope to see you apply. Take care.