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Keiko_tsumi: Sander, 19, ♂, Dutch; living in Belgium. Games, books + movies = ♥ Studies Japanese. Bass-guitar player. In love. →

Music: Ayabie, Panic Channel, DespairsRay, Kagerou, Scanch, J, Dir en grey, Raphael, hide, Plastic Tree, Merry, Cali=Gari, Mucc, Imitation Pops Noiz, Phantasmagoria, Atsushi Sakurai, Metronome. + David Bowie, Orgy, The Cure, Placebo, Tenacious D.

Movies: Takeshi Kitano, Tim Burton & Quentin Tarantino movies. Donnie Darko, Star Wars, Hedwig And The Angry Inch, Highway, Lost in Translation, Ju-on: The Grudge 1&2, A Tale Of Two Sisters, Fight Club, Battle Royale, Hellboy, Ringu, Evil Dead, Requiem for a dream, Dawn of the dead, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Dogma, Dark Water, Pitch Black, Clerks, Boondock Saints, Being John Malkovich, Volcano High, Pulse, Suicide Club, Vanilla Sky.

Fandom: Kazuki (Raphael), Takumi (Panic Channel), Kai (Gazette), Kaoru (Dir en grey), Teru (Aikaryu), Masato (Imitation Pops), Ryouhei (Ayabie).

Lay-out: made by 73shiki in PS 7. Ayabie scans from here, lyrics from The Cure's Just Like Heaven. Don't steal.

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October 25th, 2005 at 10:47pm]
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I needed a change and I want to be more active on livejournal again, so I decided to start with a clean slate. Add me!

October 22nd, 2005 at 12:30pm]
So it's been a while since my last update, but I just got back from the Kagerou & D'espairs Ray coupling tour so here's my report:

The concert:

Well entering the concerthall was a lot easier than Berlin. They only checked for camera's, not food and drinks. So the concert started a loooot sooner than the last 2 I went to.


I really wanted to see them live since I missed them last time they came to Europe, and I'm glad I saw them this time ^_^ The guys looked awesome, I know they wore more when they came on stage but this is what I remember XDD Shizumi wore a white blouse, I think wite jeans, and he just looked cool making weird faces occasionally from behind his drumkit. Kazu looked pretty in thight leather pants, a white blouse and he really plays a means bass ! Yuana looked adorable with curly hair, and he wore some kind of suit. He really seemed to enjoy himself, making weird faces, jumping around, and playing the guitar while holding it against the back of his neck XDD Daisuke just looked awesome, he wore a grey(?) blouse (which he opened later on, causing a lot of screams) , and offcourse the contacts. And what can I say about him XDDD He was screaming, singing, jumping, and putting his hand in his pants. I also remember him, letting himself fall flat on his back, but I'm not sure because I only saw his legs up in the air at some point XDD
The songs I remember them playing: Meisou Honnou, zetsubou ni sayonara, Rasen kubi, 3.2.1, and XII dizzy, I should have remembered more, I know but Despa kinda blew me away.
We stood around 6 row for the first seven songs, but after that Jiru started feeling a bit sick so we decided to go to the back of the hall to save some strength for Despa XDD The only thing I regret is not being in the crowd when they played XII dizzy because that was insane T_T everyone jumping, and all of a sudden Daisuke stagedived O_O I was a bit worried because from where I was standing it looked like he fell a bit unpleasant, but with the help of a crewmember he crawled back on stage and continued singing like nothing happened.

D'espairs Ray:

When they came on stage we were in the back of the crowd that was standing in front of the stage. They looked awesome, but for some reason I can't remember their exact outfits T__T I rember zero wearing a leather blouse, a leather skirt, and under that a leather pants or someting like that o.0 I didn't really got a good look at Tsukasa, so no idea what he was wearing. Karyu, had a sleavless leather shirt, with loose sleeves, I THINK leather pants, and awesome boots. Hizumi wore a black blouse, unbottuned, so you will have to excuse me for not remembering what kind of pants he wore >.> <.< >.> They started with born, so we started jumping, but the people in front of us were barely moving ( they were only bobbing their heads O.0) and we wanted to jump so when the screaming of Born came around, I launched Jiru and me to the sixth row XDD ( sorry if I hit someone in the progress). Then they played Reddish and I screamed my lungs out and jumped like crazy and god I love that song too much. I was getting tired but next up was Marry of the blood so more jumping and screaming. After that I don't remember the exact order of songs, but here are the one's I remember : Born, Reddish, Maverick, Gemini, tatoeba kimi ga .. shinda.. ra, yami ni furu kiseki, forbidden, abel to kain, infection, quater void, and garnet ♥
During the concert we kept moving closer and closer to the stage (we were in front of Karyu), and just before the last song Jiru was standing first row with me behind her. But the girl next to Jiru started to faint, and security pulled her out. So all of a sudden I was standing first row. Thank god, after the last song the Despa roadie started cleaning and tuning the instruments again so I prayed for an encore( and since they hadn't played Garnet yet, I reeeaaallyy hoped they would play it) so after a few minutes they got back on stage, and they actually started playing Garnet. I have never headbanged so much in my life, and it was without a doubt the best moment in my life. We screamed, we headbanged, we went totally crazy !! The best thing during the encore was Karyu licking, then biting, and finally throwing his mic stand on the ground with his teeth. I think it's secretely one of the hottest things I've ever seen >.> <.< >.>

Both bands were being announced by a japanese guy, who was awesome. He told us to have fun and not hurt eachother. When he came back to announce Despa he told us he was a little drunk "because German beer is sooo good" with a big grin on his face.
Another funny thing was Hizumi throwing the mic-stand on the ground, but instead of the ground it bounced on one of the security guards' head XDD

Before the show we bought coll:set, and Garnet, and we planned on buying a Kagerou album after the show, but because we were hyped about despa we bought the Murder days dvd and two t-shirts.
46just like heaven...

November 1st, 2004 at 1:22pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I just wanted to say I'm back from Berlin. DéspairsRay was awesome. I got an autographed poster, a tour t-shirt, Their Born and Gemini cd's, Rakushu (Kagerou album), and J's nowhere Single \(^_^)/
The live was the greatest concert ever. It blew me away. And I have no idea how to describe it, but I'll try later on ;)
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From now on: [Thursday
October 7th, 2004 at 10:02pm]
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Comment + add and I will probably add you back :)
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My weekend: [Tuesday
October 5th, 2004 at 12:07am]
[ mood | tired ]

Friday: Met up with Jiru in Breda, we went to my house and watched Ginger snaps 2 (2nd time we saw it) and Donnie Darko (I saw it like 10 times. But Donnie is Special, multiple reasons make it reeeeaallly special. <3).

Saturday: We went to Tilburg and I bought: Mockingbird Don't Sing , Megaman Battle Network for Gamecube, and A first print Uk edition of Stpehen King's "The Tommy Knockers". We watched Mockingbird Don't Sing, wich was really depressing, and after that Scream 2 ( why The f*ck did they kill Randy, makes me sad every time ;_;)and Die Hard with a vengance ( Missed the last 10 minutes though, Sander sleepy).

Sunday: Did nothin until 20:00 when we went out to rent 2 movies: Hidalgo (horsies \(^-^)/) and Taking Lives (Naked Angelina Jolie XP). Both movies were ok. Not too special, but ok ^^

Jiru left monday, so I was with her longer than usual \(^-^\)\(^-^)/(/^-^)/ I wuv Jiruuuu <3

7just like heaven...

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